Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles

The Technion is working to establish charging stations for electric vehicles on campus.

14 public charging stations for electric vehicles are located at the Technion:

  • In the parking lot under the Amado building with two posts for charging 4 electric vehicles (Gnrgy).
  • In the Bloomfield parking lot/visitor center with a charging station for two electric vehicles (Gnrgy).
  • In the parking lot between the Physics and Fischbach buildings with 4 charging posts (Afcon).
  • In the parking lot of Biotechnology and Food Engineering with 2 charging posts (Afcon).

The charging stations are managed by the aforementioned companies, which handle, among other things, clearing (credit card billing) and payment to the Technion for electricity consumption.

The Technion will promote installation of additional charging stations in accordance with requirements and management approval.

As a reminder – parking is allowed for vehicles while charging only!

It should be noted that it is prohibited to charge electric vehicles other than at the regulated public stations.

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