• 04/04/2024
    Sustainable together
    The Technion’s sustainability front (TSF) promotes interdisciplinary collaborations in order to build processes leading to a sustainable world. You are invited to enter the article and discover how the sustainability
  • 10/03/2024
    Global warming
    Global warming – its causes and how can the damage be reduced? Lecturer: Prof. Avner Rothschild Faculty Member in the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering and Head of the
  • 20/02/2024
    Henry Strage National Award
    The Henry Strage National Award for Excellence in Environmental and Sustainability Sciences. The Award of $10,000* will be granted to a scientist and/or environmental practitioner for her/his outstanding and influential
  • 19/02/2024
    Hult Prize
    Hult Prize Competition at the Technion! This week something happened in Israel for the first time and we are so happy to be part of it – the final of
  • 08/02/2024
    Second Hand Fair
    Now it’s official! Write in the calendar – Valentine’s Day 14.2 – Second Hand Fair is especially worthwhile! 🛍️💘 We collect the items over the next two weeks at the
  • 30/01/2024
    FoodTec Event
    Are you interested in tomorrow’s food? You are invited to come to Wednesday noon event, which includes short lectures, food stands and sustainability stands. 7.2 |  12:30-14:30 in the transparent
  • 24/01/2024
    The fuel of the future
    Have we found the fuel of the future? 31.1 |  18:00 A lecture at the bar, free snacks and soft drinks. Feel free to submit questions you’d like to hear
  • 23/01/2024
    Event management without disposable tools
    Event management without disposable tools In our daily routine, the Technion has already switched to reusable utensils. Planning an event for up to 50 participants? Assat has purchased a set
  • 23/01/2024
    Sustainability Events Winter Semester
    2024 has begun, alongside a variety of sustainability events. Feel free to keep your diaries!
  • 23/01/2024
    Tu B’Shvat Wednesday noon
    24.1 Wednesday noon in honor of Tu B’Shvat Tu B’Shvat or Rosh Hashanah for the tree is Rosh Hashanah for counting the years of the fruits of the tree in
  • 15/01/2024
    Sustainability Made by the Technion
    Sustainability Made by the Technion A group of researchers from the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering at the Technion presents at Nature Materials a new process for the production
  • 19/10/2023
    Technion Greenhouse Gas Emissions
    Technion Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting Every year, the Technion submits to the Ministry of Environmental Protection details of its existing emissions and emission sources. The document details the sources of
  • 19/09/2023
    energy & sustainability seminar
    The transition to a clean energy economy requires a public-private cooperation. Climate change and global warming are creating a situation in which countries, local authorities and entrepreneurs must take part
  • 28/08/2023
    ESIL Sustainable fuels & chemicals challenge
    The Challenge: The chemicals industry currently accounts for 18% of the world’s CO2 emissions. Demand for primary chemicals is expected to grow by 25% by 2030. Decarbonisation and reducing CO2 emissions
  • 02/08/2023
    Climate Change Course
    Climate Change: Science, Policy and Planning Anthropogenic climate change is one of the most profound challenges facing humanity. It is imperative that the next generation of society’s leaders has a
  • 06/06/2023
    Intercultural TechCamp on Climate Change Application
    If you are a talented young leader/ activist/ influencer/ entrepreneur and ready to initiate your ideas on climate change with Moroccan partners, this call is for you! Connect on climate
  • 15/05/2023
    Sustainability Frontier
    The Technion was established a Sustainability Frontier in order to harness the Technion’s vast knowledge and experience in a wide variety of fields in order to develop sustainable solutions for
  • 04/05/2023
    Urban Extreme Weather Hackathon
    Technion Entrepreneurship Day 2023, a hackathon was held on urban coping with extreme weather, the result of cooperation between ASSAT, the social hub, the student cell for renewable energies and
  • 27/04/2023
    PLANETech event at the Technion The Technion leads the development of innovative technologies that deal with the major and ongoing challenges of the global climate crisis and promotes solutions in
  • 27/04/2023
    EUROTech event in Paris
    For a sustainable future – with joint forces 11 representatives from the Technion participated in the EuroTech conference in Paris, which was held in the context of global sustainability. An
  • 27/04/2023
    Wednesday Afternoon – Sustainability festival
    Local energy production by pedaling bicycles that produce fruit smoothies Bicycle repair workshop and sale of spare parts at a discount for students Vegan food stalls A stall selling second-hand
  • 19/04/2023
    Fellowship programme on Industrial sustainability
    OPEN RESEARCH CALL International GreenLab-VILLUM Fellowship programme In collaboration with VILLUM FONDEN, DTU and Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies (AIAS), we are pleased to announce up to five joint theme-based
  • 03/04/2023
    Leading Safe Hydrogen Hackathon
    Leading Safe Hydrogen Hackathon The Energicom community, in collaboration with Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and the Greengev student community, are looking for the next solution for storing and transporting
  • 02/04/2023
    FoodTech Hackathon
    FoodTech Hackathon at the Technion At the end of two fascinating days (30-31.3.23), the first session of a hackathon on depreciation streams ended, as part of the FoodTech Nation program
  • 22/03/2023
    Technion Climate Alumni Panel
    Technion Climate Alumni Panel We hear all the time about the climate crisis and the problems it creates, it’s time to give a platform to solutions as well! We are
  • 16/03/2023
    EuroTech Universities Symposium
    EuroTech Universities: An alliance working for global sustainability On 28 March 2023, leaders, researchers and students of the six EuroTech Universities will convene for a symposium at École Polytechnique to
  • 16/03/2023
    Donut Economy
    Science on Tap – Donut Economy Nothing grows forever, so why are we convinced that our economy is? What is economics? What is its purpose? Who are we who motivate
  • 15/03/2023
    Extreme heat events Hackathon
    Extreme heat events Hackathon Climate change and global warming are creating new challenges and threats to urban space, including heat waves, fires, floods, air pollution, infrastructure collapse, and other extreme
  • 09/03/2023
    ventures in the fields of advanced industry and sustainability
    Call for proposals for ventures in the fields of advanced industry and sustainability to be presented in a competition on Entrepreneurship Day at the Technion Students, alumni and researchers at
  • 02/02/2023
    EuroTech Future Award 2023
    Excellent research deserves to be recognized. We are proud of the achievements of our researchers that help Europe and the world advance on their way to a more sustainable future.