אגודת הסטודנטים חנות מועד ב פרויקט מלך החממה החברתית
Technion Student Association

Student Activities in the Field of Sustainability

Second Hand Store from Engineering


Melech Project

Computers for All

The Social Hub









The Sustainability Center is also a member of several forums in order to promote its activities in every channel: 

  • Sustainability Council – comprised of faculty members, director, students, and is a professional body for consultations, initiatives and participation in dedicated working groups to deal with specific issues.
  • Inter-University Forum – leading a forum between university students and consisting of representatives of sustainability people from all universities in Israel. The forum was established for the benefit of mutual fertilization and promotion of cooperation between campuses on sustainability issues.
  • Eurotech – International Forum – participation in an international forum led by Eurotech with goals for fertilization and cooperation.
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