Sustainability Boulevard

שדרת הקיימות

Sustainability Boulevard – Leading Sustainability on Campus!

The interrelationship between man and the environment requires wise use of natural resources such as water, land and minerals, in order to balance the demands of the present with the needs of the future and preserve the environment in which we live.
The Technion, as the oldest and leading technological institution in Israel, is committed to recruiting the best knowledge and talent, in order to express sustainable thinking in diverse aspects. These principles guide Technion House in the internal operation of the campus, in teaching and educating the students who come through its gates, and in research and development of new technologies that will advance humanity to a sustainable world.
The Technion emphasizes environmental protection and education of future generations of scientists, engineers and leaders to apply sustainable thinking and promote changes that will lead to a sustainable future in Israel and the world.
Sustainability Boulevard demonstrates diverse aspects of sustainable activities within the campus, which is reflected in groundbreaking research, in recycling and separating waste, reducing the use of polluting disposable utensils, in maintaining biodiversity and green lungs, in the transition to green energy and energy efficiency.

Promoting Sustainability on Campus Together!!

מחקרים פורצי דרך צמצום צריכה הגן האקולוגי אנרגיה בקמפוס הפרדה ומחזור


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