King Project (MELECH)

To feel like a king, you don’t need a crown and a robe. It is enough to think for one second before getting rid of the old computer and donating it to someone who will appreciate it.

The Melech project (computers for everyone) is a project that operates on behalf of a social ministry that belongs to the Technion student union. The project was founded in 2011 by two students from the Technion, who wanted to find a way to help other students whose hands are not reaching. Today the project has expanded and its purpose is to repair and use stationary and mobile computers, peripheral equipment and technological means and to donate them, first of all, to students who are financially supported, as well as to families and other factors that their hands cannot reach, and associations that support hard-to-find populations. The project has a laboratory (which is also used as a center for receiving and delivering donations) and an equipment warehouse located in Kiryat Technion in Haifa.

Many of us take the home computer for granted. However, until a few years ago, “a computer in every home” was a vision, which many doubted the ability to fulfill. In the 2000s, the computer became an integral part of our daily routine, and it is hard to imagine how we managed without it, until a few years ago. Young children in kindergarten, already know how to surf the Internet, and even our grandparents learned how to send an email. We all feel the lack of our computer, if God forbid it doesn’t function for a few hours, not to mention if it doesn’t work for one day, there are many who literally lose their temper.

Still, even in the 21st century, as hard as it is to believe, there are many students, children and youth, for whom having a computer at home is a real dream, which has not yet come true. Here, the importance of the Melech project is expressed.

More details on the AST website, the Melech project.

Initial contact can be made by sending an email to the project address –

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