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The vision of the Technion Sustainability Center: The Technion will provide an exemplary model for local, national and global sustainability through its education and research programs and through its organizational conduct and community behavior.

The Technion, as the oldest and main technological institution in Israel, bears the responsibility of educating engineers and scientists and acting at the forefront of research and development to promote environmental issues. Israel is facing serious problems to preserve the environment; we must protect water sources from pollution, we must maintain clean air that will allow breathing without disease, we must preserve the landscapes of the homeland, the rivers, its mountains and the natural flora and fauna populations – and ensure sustainable development, that is sensitive to the needs the environment and the possibility of damage to its delicate fabric. Science, technology and engineering are essential means to ensure preservation of the environment and ensure development that does not damage and destroy the environment. As an institution that educates engineers and scientists, the Technion is obliged to include the environmental aspect in its work, recruit the best knowledge and talent and all this in order to develop the country without harming the environment in which we live.
The Sustainability Center was founded as a continuation of the Green Campus Project, which began in May 2000, at the initiative of Prof. Yoram Avnimelech together with Dr. Ofira Ayalon, and led by the Shmuel Ne’eman Institute, with the intention of not only talking about preserving the environment, but also doing it.
As of today, the Sustainability Center is part of the Technion’s organizational structure, under the Administration and Logistics Unit in the Operations Division, and works laterally with different units on campus, administrative and academic staff, various faculties, the student union, and all visitors to the Technion.
The Sustainability Center deals with all areas of environmental quality such as energy, water, waste management, ecology, radiation, noise, air pollution, transportation and more, both from the operational side within the campus, as well as in research and Education.
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