A second chance for intelligent consumerism – Moed Bet store

חנות מועד ב

Come be part of the change and the circle of giving and get to know the Moed Bet store – a second hand Technion store, located near the Rabin building, at the parking lot.
The store has clothes for all ages including children’s clothing, bags, jewelry, household items and utensils, books and children’s games, candles, decorative objects and even records. Some of the items received are completely new and even the label has not been removed from them. In addition, the store has a special stand for Kfar Tikva, people with special needs, with the donation from the sale of their products dedicated to their welfare.

The store is open five days a week, by a team of volunteers from the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering. In addition, the store works in cooperation with the “Employment Project for the Mentally Ill”, so that the store is a place for them to feel as necessary as they really are.

The “Moed Bet” store is designed for the entire Technion family and can also meet the needs of students who need essential items for thier home, without incurring heavy expenses. The prices will be symbolic and will range from one weight to 20 shekels.” All funds are transferred back to the activities of the ASSAT.

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