Community Gardens

While most faculties at the Technion emphasize specialization in a focused engineering field – a community garden has an important role in promoting a systemic and balanced green consciousness of sustainability.
The green and blooming community garden gives a tangible and colorful expression – which is easier to connect to – than to the important green and sustainable activities – of recycling, and saving electricity, water and paper.
The Community Garden – as a tangible expression of raising the green flag of sustainability at the Technion – creates a common community framework for students from Israel and abroad and gives a sense of belonging to the Technion.
The garden is a source of fresh and cheap healthy organic vegetables, a framework for practical learning, and connecting with nature and the sustaining green consciousness.
The gardens are divided into individual and community beds where vegetables, herbs and fruit trees grow.





The community gardens are located in the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering and in the dormitories.
• Kfar Mishtalmim Garden
• Junior Staff Dorms Garden
• Rifkin Dorms Garden

All have fruit trees, vegetables and herbs, which are designated as first priority for students involved in cultivation and maintenance of the garden.
Cultivation and maintenance meetings and social and festive gatherings such as Tu Bishvat and Shavuot are held in the gardens, and accompanied by light refreshments and crops.


For further information and to contact the Community Garden Coordinator

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