EUROTech event in Paris

כנס קיימות בפריז

For a sustainable future – with joint forces

11 representatives from the Technion participated in the EuroTech conference in Paris, which was held in the context of global sustainability.
An impressive presence for Technion researchers at the EuroTech conference – a prestigious European university chain that added the Technion to its ranks in 2018.
The conference was held on March 28 at the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris under the title “EuroTech University Network – for global sustainability”. Climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, the use of fossil fuels, the transition to sustainable energies and sustainable consumption were discussed at the conference.
EuroTech President Prof. Eric Lavaya said that “At this conference, we declare again our commitment to promoting environmental issues and a joint effort to expand interdisciplinary research, share knowledge, foster innovation and develop new solutions. As European institutions of higher education, we are also committed to providing our students with knowledge of the complex issues On the agenda – climate, economy and society.”

The Technion representatives Prof. Avner Rothschild from the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, Prof. Yoav Livni from the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering, Dr. Atar Herziger from the Faculty of Data and Decision Sciences, Dr. Charlotte Vogt from the Faculty of Chemistry by Shulich, doctoral students Sorge Fehr, Raymond Rahami, Adam Sabah and Ofer Shanir, AST chairman Lebi Menash and students Khalid Tafel and Roital Rivkin.
The EuroTech Universities Alliance partnership is a strategic partnership between leading science and technology universities committed to excellence in research and the joint development of solutions to society’s challenges. Through the promotion of cooperation in research and education and the cultivation of innovation and entrepreneurship, the partnership combines the complementary advantages of its members for large-scale ventures and an impact on society and the industry. The partnership works to raise awareness of the opportunities offered by science and technology.

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