Extreme heat events Hackathon

האקתון מזג אוויר

Extreme heat events Hackathon

Climate change and global warming are creating new challenges and threats to urban space, including heat waves, fires, floods, air pollution, infrastructure collapse, and other extreme events.
As part of the Technion’s Entrepreneurship Day, which will be held on May 2, and in collaboration between the Sustainability Center, the Social Hub, ASAT and the Student Cell for Renewable Energies, we invite you to take part in a hackathon that deals with developing solutions to these very problems – and more!
A team of mentors from a variety of entities and companies, will make sure to assist and fine-tune your venture and turn the idea into reality.

The first-place winners will receive full funding for a flight and participation in the Green Challenge Hackathon, which will be held in Denmark on June 23.

The winners of the second and third places will receive prizes of 2,000 NIS and 1,000 NIS respectively.


For more information:
Ohad Schindler: ohad.sch@campus.technion.ac.il
Tal Fine: tal.fein@campus.technion.ac.il


  • Registration is open to the Technion House only.
  • Participation in the hackathon involves participation in a seminar about two weeks before the event.
  • The number of participants is limited!
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