Sustainability Frontier

The Technion was established a Sustainability Frontier in order to harness the Technion’s vast knowledge and experience in a wide variety of fields in order to develop sustainable solutions for the environmental and climate challenges, while connecting the Technion community and creating partnerships with other communities in order to work together to achieve a viable future for the next generations.

On March 1st, 2023, the Sustainability Front was established at the Technion, led by Prof. Avner Rothschild, who was appointed as the senior deputy for sustainability. The council of sustainability includes representatives of faculties and the operations and maintenance department. The goal of the front is to coordinate research activities, education and instruction, organizational management and achievement in sustainability topics (energy, environment, water, food, urban planning, and more), to promote and assist in the development of new initiatives, to expand and establish the scientific knowledge base, to lead processes for breakthrough technological development and to promote effective solutions for coping with the climate and environmental crisis.

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