Tu B’Shvat Wednesday noon

24.1 Wednesday noon in honor of Tu B’Shvat

Tu B’Shvat or Rosh Hashanah for the tree is Rosh Hashanah for counting the years of the fruits of the tree in the Land of Israel.

Due to the centrality of the date in the context of the affection and sanctity of the land, this day has gained many meanings over the years. During the period of aliyah before the establishment of the state, Tu B’Shvat was seen as a celebration marking the awakening of the nation to the revival of the settlement in the Land of Israel. During this period, the custom of planting trees on Tu B’Shvat was renewed, which became the main symbol of the date in Zionist culture. Since then, many in Israeli society have marked Tu B’Shvat as a kind of nature holiday and often deal with it with the environment.

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