Waste and Recycling Hackathon

האקתון פסולת ומחזור

In May 2022, a hackathon on the topic of waste and recycling was held – reducing consumption and reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill. The hackathon, which took place as part of the entrepreneurship day T-Day the Roadshow 2022, is the result of a collaboration between the student association, the Student Dean’s Office, the Social Incubator and the Sustainability Center.

About 30 students with vision and environmental awareness participated in the competition, who were grouped into six teams that included students from various faculties, and received guidance and support from academic, government and industry sources.

Throughout the competition, the students participated in two fascinating inspirational lectures, one on the topic of the climate crisis delivered by a representative of Green Network, and the other on the topic of Recycling Mechanisms in Israel delivered by the CEO of Tamir Corporation.

The first three place prizes went to the following teams and projects:
The students who won first place were Tal Ibn Zur, Adi Menachem, Dvir Dimi from the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Gilat Toker from the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management, with the project to develop a modularly divided tin in different volumes that reads a barcode scan of a product and directs the consumer to discard of the product in its designated location.
In second place were Ran Darzi from the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Omer Inbar from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Shai Gendelman from the Faculty of Computer Science, Eden Shukrun and Bar Stoker from the Faculty of Chemical Engineering, with the project to monitor green bins and track recycling percentages at the source.
Third place was taken by Hagai Shechter, Tomas Makovsky and Shahar Blau from the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering with a project to spray a mushroom that “eats” waste and reduces the volume and weight of the waste in storage tanks and continues its role in landfills.
The professional judging team included Prof. Michelle Portman from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, Dr. Elyakim Ben Hakon from the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management, Dikla Nachman, Head of the Administration and Logistics Unit, Dr. Dorit Baum from the Department of Environmental Education from the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and Avivit Ar’el, Director of Marketing Authorities from Tamir Corporation.


האקתון פסולת ומחזור

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