Reducing Consumption

From Disposable to Reusable

Disposable plastic plates and mugs are apparently the most problematic types of waste. A change in this area requires a systemic organizational change, as well as a change in individual behavior. With the Technion management’s announcement of a significant reduction in the use of disposable plates and mugs on campus, the various faculties and units were prepared to use reusable or biodegradable ones. Along with this, the Sustainability Center produced a video encouraging the student community to also switch to reusable containers/refillable bottles.

We invite you to join the revolution and switch to using reusable plates and mugs!

Click here to watch the video

סרטון צמצום צריכה בקמפוס

From Water Bar to Refilling Bottles

In the Student House (on the catering floor) and Ullman building (floors 3, 6), modern water facilities have been installed for the students. These facilities allow students to save money (by reducing the purchase of bottles), and also prevent the one-time use of plastic bottles that are thrown into the trash after a single use, thus polluting the environment. The state-of-the-art facilities even count the number of plastic bottles saved due to repeated filling, and they are accessible to people with disabilities.

At the start of the project, it can be seen that tens of thousands of disposable bottles were saved at the Technion.

בר מים

Time to wake Up!!!

Our Coffee – Your Mug

Cooperation with various cafeterias on campus encourages you to both save money and save the environment.

You are welcome to come to the cafeterias with your personal mug, and enjoy a discount on coffee prices.

If you do not own a quality thermal mug, we have created the perfect mug for you, which you can purchase on site, and enjoy your first coffee for free.

This is the time to say goodbye to disposable mugs and switch to a quality, healthy and environmental solution.

זמן להתעורר

Did you know?

The earth we live on manufactures and consumes hundreds of tons of paper every year.

93% of the world’s paper is manufactured from trees.

Production of 1 kg of paper consumes 3 times its weight in trees.

Paper production also consumes energy and electricity, space to store the waste generated in the process, oil and a lot of water.

In developed countries, an average person consumes about 250 kg of paper a year.

Just for your general information, if all the people in the world consumed 200 kg paper a year, there would be no trees left in the world!

Reduce your consumption of paper – save the environment that takes care of us!

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