Second-Hand Store โ€“ Second-Hand Items from Engineer๐Ÿ˜Š

A team of employees from the Faculty of Civil Engineering established a Technion second-hand store that receives a variety of items daily such as clothes, games, bags, jewelry, housewares, kitchen utensils, books, soaps and more…

The store is open five days a week, and is operated by a team of volunteers from the faculty. In addition, the store works in collaboration with the Employment Project for the Mentally Injured, so that the store is a place for them to feel needed, as they really are. The second-hand store is for the entire Technion family and can also be a solution for students who need vital items for their homes, without spending too much.

Want to see whatโ€™s new in store? See the new items on Facebook.

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Project Melech

You don’t need a crown and a robe to feel like royalty. It is enough to think for one second before getting rid of your old computer and donating it to someone who will appreciate it.

Project Melech (Computers for All) is a project that operates on behalf of a social office belonging to the Technion student union. The project was founded in 2011 by two students from the Technion, who wanted to find a way to help other students who could not afford the necessities. The project has expanded and its goal is to repair desktop and laptop computers, peripheral equipment and technological means and to donate them, first of all, to students who are financially supported, as well as to families and other factors who cannot afford them, and associations that support poor populations.

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Technion Swap Meet Website

Reusing furniture saves energy, space, pollution and money. The 21st century is known for an abundance of supply in various fields of consumption, including furniture. A variety of products and prices, allows for excess buying and an increase in the amount and volume of waste buried in various waste sites. Reusing second-hand furniture has economic and environmental value.

The Technionโ€™s Procurement and Tenders Department manages the Kach-Ten website for donating and searching for used office furniture from the faculties/units and the dorms, in order to enable the organizationโ€™s resources to be exhausted. We invite you to post on the board and even check the offer before a purchase is made โ€“ Swap Meet Site

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