Separation and Recycling

Waste Separation Video

Red, Grey, Orange, Purple, Blue…

Not sure where to dispose of waste?

Watch the video, and we’ll make everything clear!

סרטון הפרדת פסולת

Recycling Revolution on Campus

The Technion has placed recycling solutions throughout the campus for a significant part of the types of waste that can be recycled.

Where does everything go?

Recycling paper, batteries, electronic equipment, cans and bottles – all faculty buildings have uniform sets of recycling containers.

Home waste, plastic and glass packaging – orange and purple waste containers in the student dorms and throughout the campus.

Cartons and plastic wrap – dedicated cages placed throughout the campus.

Container for recycling textiles – near the second-hand store.

Furniture – Technion’s Swap Meet website.

Construction waste – dedicated dumpster that is evacuated by the Department for Construction & Infrastructure.

Wood pallets – recycled to the General Warehouse.

Recycle – it’s the done thing!

מחזור בקמפוס

Packaging is recycled in the orange bin

The Technion’s joining the Packaging Law in cooperation with Nesher municipality, brought the orange and purple bins to campus at central points.

In order to streamline the packaging sorting process, we ordered orange bins suitable for kitchenettes, where you can dispose of office packaging waste, and waste from cafeteria food containers, which are transferred to the public containers.

This significantly increases the amount of waste recycled and not sent to landfills.

פח כתום בקמפוס

GIS map – find the bins nearest you.

Not sure where the closest bin is?

We’re happy to help you find it.

The Technion’s GIS system has many layers of information, including a Green Campus layer, which details the location of all recycling bins around campus.

Technion Map

GIS Green campus

Separating Waste for Recycling on Campus

In recent years, global awareness of the importance of protecting the environment in which we live has been increasing. As part of this global trend, Israel is also working to find solutions to the environmental problems created by human activity. The Technion, as a leading academic institution, which brings together a large population of students, faculty and employees, is committed to maintaining the quality of the environment in its territory. In addition, as a higher education institution, which trains and teaches the leaders of the future, the Technion has the ability to bring about pro-environmental behavioral changes.

The Technion’s master plan (2016), makes extensive reference to environmental issues in general, and to the issue of reducing waste and increasing recycling in particular. This brochure details all waste streams at the Technion in the various buildings, faculties and student dorms, and guidelines for means of handling all types of waste.

Campus Waste Treatment Brochure

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